Friday, July 11, 2008

Day One

So I finally did it. I made a blog for all to see what's going on with my life. This is mostly for my family to keep them updated.
I moved with 5 other adults and 3 kids into a 6 bedroom, 2 bath house. It's more like a duplex. The other side is like 4 bedrooms I think. That's where Alex, Blaine and Amy live. We rent from Blaine.
I dont have any picture of

< This Is Blaine

This Is Alex >

Right here ^^^^^^^^^is a quick video I made of the pictures from the house and stuff. I got too frustrated trying to upload the pictures on here. So I just made a video instead.

I'm still babysitting the girls, and loving it. Angel is becoming VERY stubborn and independent. Half the time I want to snuggle with her, and the other half I want to throw her out the window.
I also watch Nicky while Lara is at work. So it's always a busy day for me. I've got at least two kids I'm keeping an eye on while cleaning the house. With 6 adults, it gets very dirty, very quickly.
I'm also learning how to cook. I made Chili from scratch the other day. And I didn't burn it! Everybody said it tasted pretty good. Ace is a cook, went to school for it and whatever, so he said he'll teach me a bit too.
Right now I'm just trying to get better. I went to the ER a few days ago and found out that I have Bronchitis. IT STINKS.
So now I'm not allowed to do anything. Nobody will let me clean or anything. It's driving me crazy!
Anyways. I'm hoping I'll be over this within a few days. *crosses fingers*
That's all I've got to say for now. Hope all is well with everyone.