Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Metal Doesn't Go In Sockets.....

So I have a new story.
Angel decided to stick a piece of metal in the plug socket.
The end.

Lol no really, this is what happened.

Amy got sent to bed then came back out with one her necklaces to show Jessica. Angel had gotten her hands on it and broke it. Jessica looked it over and told Amy she couldn't fix it because it was missing a piece. So Amy got sent back to bed. About 5 minutes later Amy came back and announced she knew where the missing piece was.
Angel had stuck it in the socket next to her bed.
Jessica went running back and of course Angel got in trouble. The sockets around the house are covered with plastic covers, but that one had a night-light instead. It covered both sockets, but Angel had pulled it out and stuck a little ball off metal in the hole.
Nick and I went back to look at it and Nick tried to get it out. He asked if we had any non-conductive metal and I asked if a safety pin would work.
Both he and Jessica looked at me like I was crazy.
*shrugs* How am I supposed to know what kind of metal is conductive is and what isn't? :D
Anyways, Nick explained what he needed and I went looking through my stuff to see if I had anything. I didn't.
Jessica just said they would cover the sockets with plastic covers for the night. But I was worried somehow that metal in that socket would cause problems. Our power goes out a lot out here and I thought maybe a surge would cause a fire...or something. But I didn't know for sure, I mean come on. I thought a safety pin would be okay.
So I went looking through my stuff again and found two wooden chopstick thingys that I have for my hair. And I got an idea.
Got my knife out and shaved the ends down till they were flat, then went in and wedged the ball part of the way out. But I couldn't get it over the lip....So then I got another idea.
Put my mouth up to the socket and carefully sucked the ball out.
I got the ball....and a mouthful of dust.
Jessica and I sat down with Angel and explained to her how dangerous it was putting things in the socket.
Everybody was laughing at me cause for the next 10 minutes I was spitting dust out of my mouth.
Again yuck!
But well worth it. :D
So yeah....that's my story.
Hope everyone is having a great summer and see you all this weekend :)