Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doctors, Babies and Coughs, Oh My!

Upon returning from the ER early Tuesday morning, I joked with Susan that since I had already written about my Day in Hell, it was time to write about my NIGHT in Hell.

And here we are!

Naw, seriously it wasn't that bad. I'd take my night in the ER over 60+ blocks of walking any day. Hee hee.....

What started out as a small tickle in my throat quickly grew into rib bruising, body shaking, gasping for breath coughs. Oh yeah, it was a real treat. Thursday I had just gotten back from Marysville where I had spent about 4 nights with some friends, since they have a bird in the house, I figured my crappy feelingness and cough were because of Little Bit (the darn, annoying bird) because I'm allergic to her. Dan and Susan tried to tell me that I was sick.

Like I EVER listen to anyone.

But once the aches and chills set in, I was a believer. So at 11ish ( I think) PM Monday night, my wonderful sister-in-law Susan drove me to the hospital. Now, we're all actually hacking up a lung or two over here, but it was decided she was the less likely person to drive off the road in a coughing fit. Got to the hospital, get checked in, X-rays done, yada-yada-yada. Finally decided I have a touch of bronchitis, not pneumonia like we were worried it might be. And prolly something viral...but the doctors didn't know what.

Now THERE is a comforting thought.

"You have something"
"What is it?"
"We have NO freakin' idea!"
"But we DO know you DO NOT have the flu"

That's like saying to the guy who just had his arm bitten off "We know it wasn't a shark, but something did bite you!"

Thank you genius.

Lol, naw in all seriously, the doctors and nurses were fantastic. I think that was the first time in a LONG time that I've gone to the hospital and haven't been stabbed with a needle, or felt the need to punch someone stupid in the face.

So thank you to Susan for draggin' my sorry stubborn self to the ER and carrying Sarah around for me.

We got home around 3ish....Sarah slept the entire time we were gone and as soon as we got home she woke up. But instead of her usually crying, she was completely silent. Didn't make a peep until later this afternoon when she was ready for a nap. Just laid quietly and watched me. It was a wonderful blessing after the late night.

In other news. Sarah is now 27 inches long and weighs 15 lbs, 9oz.

No wonder I'm tired after carrying her around. I told Susan I'm such a wimp, I would lose at arm wrestling to her 5 year-old daughter.

Ya'll may laugh, but I'm completely serious :D

But maybe now, after carrying the princess around, I can get into shape lol.

Sarah had also lost some of her hair, I was greatly saddened by this, but oh well. Hee hee, she now has a Mohawk. I kid you not, both sides of her head lost hair but the top straight down the middle is still thick....
I now find it freakin' cute.

Sarah officially rolled over for the first time Sunday night. She was sleeping, I was sleeping. She woke herself up by rolling over, and I think got scared when she was laying face down. She started to cry. Poor thing. Today I had her playing on the floor, I turned around and I hear a small thud. I turn back around. Sarah rolled herself over again, and crashed into a couple of cereal boxes, once again scaring herself. I picked her up as I tried not to laugh. More determined then ever to actually SEE her roll over. I took her up to her crib where there is nothing for her she crash into and got my camera out. After nearly 20 minutes, I got it on tape!
(Unfortunately I don't have sound on my camera)

That's pretty much all that's going on over here. It is now 1:30 am, I'm dog tired and I've got a little princess who's going to be waking up in about 3 hours.