Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sarah's First Christmas

This year was Sarah's first Christmas. I went off on my little thing about not buying a lot of gifts for a baby, especially since baby's are usually more interested in the box the toy came in then the actual toy......Yeah....I totally ate my words this year. Lol. Sarah got a bunch of books from me and from Grandpa and Grandma Price. She has become quite interested in them and if I'm reading a book, she wants one too. She got a babydoll from Grandpa and Grandma Price and one from Uncle Nathan and Aunt Dara. A crinkle book from Uncle Dustin and Aunt Chesney. New bottles and bowls from me and bath toys from Santa :D
I gave her a little puppy talking toy thing, lol that's for "learning" It counts, sings songs and little things like that. Sarah has been very excited with all of her new things :)

The rest of this posting is pictures from Sarah’s first Christmas : ) Merry Christmas everyone!

While the toy was still wrapped it started singing. Sarah wasn't quite sure what to think of it.

Sarah's Stocking

First Candy Cane

I wasn't really wanting to clean up a red sticky mess so this year Sarah got her candy cane with the wrapper still on it. :D

Back Home Again

In getting ready to write a new post I looked at my blog and realized it has almost been three months since I last wrote something, not as bad as my last record *cough* over a year! *cough* but still too long :D. Sarah and I moved back to the Tri-cities in November. I got too homesick and so Mom and Dad came and got us. Sarah and I really enjoyed staying with Dan and Susan and their girls, and we miss them! But it was time to come home. I've never been able to move away from the Tri-Cities for very long, lol this is my new record. Almost 3 months......alright that's just sad but anyways. Sarah and I are living with my parents for a while. I was only going to be here for a few weeks but it turns out that a surgery I have been wanting/needing for a while has become quite possible for me if I stay where I am. Those of you that know me very well know that I have been.....what's a delicate way to put this?.....Oh forget it, when I have ever been delicate? I've got big boobs and they need to go! :D After nearly 9 years of dealing with back pains and such, it's looking like I can have the reduction surgery. Woot! January 25th I have an appointment to see what needs to be done. Pray for me, wish me luck, whatever it is you do!

On to other news, my computer is still Internet access is limited to whenever I drag my butt over to the library....and then I found out yesterday I can't use those computers to upload pictures.....well grrr to that. So my wonderful mother is letting me use her computer to post. Thank you Mom!

Sarah is now 7 1/2 months old *cries in corner*

I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is a funny little thing. Understands the words "No" and "Let Go" she also loves her Grandpa and Grandma Price. She has learned to sit up on her own and can now crawl. She is still pretty slow and mostly sticks to an army crawl and the baby is moving! Sarah also now has two teeth, the first one came through Thanksgiving Day and the second one the Sunday after. Note to self, no more letting Sarah chew on my fingers. She wants to walk but I'm encouraging her to crawl more. She also tries to pull herself up, but sadly the objects she picks to use for support are not stable by any means and more often then not she finds the floor again.

Sarah's favorite thing to do is take a bath, I do believe she thinks she's a fish. She will wiggle herself right up to the water spout and try to stick her face right into the water. I turn it off so she can't drowned herself and she throws a fit, the lays there in the water staring pitifully at spout until I turn the water back on again. Then the cycle starts all over again. I put her in her swimsuit today so I could take pictures to post :D

Sarah is now 16lbs, 12 oz and 27 in long. She's loves to eat and sits like a little baby bird waiting to be fed. She also has a new face that she loves to make, I think she learned it from her two year old cousin Samantha :D
I don't have a picture yet but it's the cutest thing I have ever seen. She scrunches her nose up and puckers her lips and breathes really heavily out her nose. Never a quiet or dull moment around this house :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doctors, Babies and Coughs, Oh My!

Upon returning from the ER early Tuesday morning, I joked with Susan that since I had already written about my Day in Hell, it was time to write about my NIGHT in Hell.

And here we are!

Naw, seriously it wasn't that bad. I'd take my night in the ER over 60+ blocks of walking any day. Hee hee.....

What started out as a small tickle in my throat quickly grew into rib bruising, body shaking, gasping for breath coughs. Oh yeah, it was a real treat. Thursday I had just gotten back from Marysville where I had spent about 4 nights with some friends, since they have a bird in the house, I figured my crappy feelingness and cough were because of Little Bit (the darn, annoying bird) because I'm allergic to her. Dan and Susan tried to tell me that I was sick.

Like I EVER listen to anyone.

But once the aches and chills set in, I was a believer. So at 11ish ( I think) PM Monday night, my wonderful sister-in-law Susan drove me to the hospital. Now, we're all actually hacking up a lung or two over here, but it was decided she was the less likely person to drive off the road in a coughing fit. Got to the hospital, get checked in, X-rays done, yada-yada-yada. Finally decided I have a touch of bronchitis, not pneumonia like we were worried it might be. And prolly something viral...but the doctors didn't know what.

Now THERE is a comforting thought.

"You have something"
"What is it?"
"We have NO freakin' idea!"
"But we DO know you DO NOT have the flu"

That's like saying to the guy who just had his arm bitten off "We know it wasn't a shark, but something did bite you!"

Thank you genius.

Lol, naw in all seriously, the doctors and nurses were fantastic. I think that was the first time in a LONG time that I've gone to the hospital and haven't been stabbed with a needle, or felt the need to punch someone stupid in the face.

So thank you to Susan for draggin' my sorry stubborn self to the ER and carrying Sarah around for me.

We got home around 3ish....Sarah slept the entire time we were gone and as soon as we got home she woke up. But instead of her usually crying, she was completely silent. Didn't make a peep until later this afternoon when she was ready for a nap. Just laid quietly and watched me. It was a wonderful blessing after the late night.

In other news. Sarah is now 27 inches long and weighs 15 lbs, 9oz.

No wonder I'm tired after carrying her around. I told Susan I'm such a wimp, I would lose at arm wrestling to her 5 year-old daughter.

Ya'll may laugh, but I'm completely serious :D

But maybe now, after carrying the princess around, I can get into shape lol.

Sarah had also lost some of her hair, I was greatly saddened by this, but oh well. Hee hee, she now has a Mohawk. I kid you not, both sides of her head lost hair but the top straight down the middle is still thick....
I now find it freakin' cute.

Sarah officially rolled over for the first time Sunday night. She was sleeping, I was sleeping. She woke herself up by rolling over, and I think got scared when she was laying face down. She started to cry. Poor thing. Today I had her playing on the floor, I turned around and I hear a small thud. I turn back around. Sarah rolled herself over again, and crashed into a couple of cereal boxes, once again scaring herself. I picked her up as I tried not to laugh. More determined then ever to actually SEE her roll over. I took her up to her crib where there is nothing for her she crash into and got my camera out. After nearly 20 minutes, I got it on tape!
(Unfortunately I don't have sound on my camera)

That's pretty much all that's going on over here. It is now 1:30 am, I'm dog tired and I've got a little princess who's going to be waking up in about 3 hours.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Growing Up

It seems like when a baby is first born...the minutes go by slowly. But like a ball rolling down a hill, everyday goes by faster then the one before, gaining speed with time. I know truly understand what people mean when they say "Treasure every moment."

I am so glad Sarah's father gave me his camera to use. In later years I know I would wish I had taken every picture I could. I don't want to forget one moment.

My princess is growing up so fast. She's already four months old! Today she held her bottle on her own for the first time. It was all her idea.

She's still getting the hang of it, lol. She forgets to keep holding it and then it falls. The look on her face is priceless. She is completely shocked that her bottle is no longer in her mouth.

Sarah has also learned a new trick. A "cute" form of spitting. She'll put her lips together and then almost blows a raspberry. Execpt there is no sound, and there is a LOT of drool. Some days I feel like I have a dog. ;)

Her favorite sounds to make is almost like a hiss/gurgle. It's hard to discribe, but funny to watch and listen to. Everyday Sarah gives me something new to laugh about.

Today when I went upstairs to check on Sarah I found she had fallen asleep. I couldn't resist takin some pictures.

Poor baby. I didn't want to wake her, but I also didn't want her to hurt her neck. She was very grumpy that I woke her up!
Seeing as it is almost 10 PM I believe Sarah had I wonderful idea. Off to bed am I.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coming to you from the bored minds of Deborah and Sarah!!

Believe it or not, I'm actually writing again, and it hasn't' been over a year...Shocking!

I decided that I need to write more so I can remember everything about Sarah, cause my memory is just tragic. So here I am. Writing. Again. Yeah........

Lol, I also went out and got myself a journal, haven't written in one of those for about 4 or so years, but I kinda miss it. Have a little book you can yell at and it won't yell back.

Okay, enough of my babbling. Sarah has a new toy that she LOVES. It's a bouncing thingy that hangs in the door way, she's still a little too small for it so I have to tuck a blanket in there with her, but she loves to jump!
She's become very insistent that she is to be sitting up at all time, so this thing has also become my best friend. I can clean or get things done without my 4 month old telling me off. *shakes head*

I have ammended the sayin' "When Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy."
"When BABY ain't happy....nobody's happy!"

Today Susan and I took the kids to the park. I wanted to see what Sarah thought of the swings, since she loves her bouncing thingy, I figured she would like the swing too.

She loved it :D

I even put her in the little swing, it was freakin' cute. She enjoyed it for a few minutes, then she decided she was done, and let me know it. Lol

Sarah has also become fasinated with everything that everyone does. If you are eating, she has to eat too; she get very exicted and squeals whenever she sees her cousins jumping around and playing. She is also almost rolling over. She gets about half away over and can't quite make it, then gets really mad and throws a fit. If it weren't for the headaches, it would be really cute :D
You will have to forgive my random thought in this blog, it is nearly 11, and I am exhausted, but I really wanted to get pictures of Sarah's first day swinging up. Woot.
Dan got a good laugh earlier today, I was sitting in the computer chair, falling asleep. I guess that's my que. Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Day In Hell

I just realized it's been over a year since I last wrote on this blog, so here I am again. This story is about my day in Seattle.

So I went to Seattle on Thursday, had an appointment at the courthouse. Sounds easy right? But of course, I always find ways to make it hard :D
Here is how my day went.

I am currently living in Duvall, a little town about 25 miles Northeast of Seattle. Knowing my issue with being on time, and getting lost in new places I decided to leave two hours early. I got to Seattle with almost 1 1/2 hours to spare, so I went looking for a parking space. For goodness sakes, have these people ever heard of free parking? So in a stubborn effort I decided to drive around aimlessly looking for parking that wasn't going to cost more then my monthly insurance. Thank you Derek and Pat for listening to my insane ramblings and yelling at the other drivers. And what the heck with with all that one way street crap? Very nerve racking to be driving on the wrong side of the street, we are not in England people! Anyways, I finally gave in, to pay for parking, which I still think is stupid. But I wanted to find the cheapest place because I didn't have that much money on me. But of course, since Seattle if just freakin' weird, I kept running into one way streets and couldn't turn. I even found a street had a sign posted stating you couldn't turn onto it during certain times of the day. What kinda messed up *$(&$ is that ?!
Anyways, back to my parking. I found a parking lot, got into spot, got my stroller our, loaded up Sarah and my bags, locked the car and went over to pay for the spot.
The darn machine only accepted credit cards.
By this time I only had about 35 minutes left to get to the courthouse, and I was on the verge of freakin' out.....Oh whatever, I already was freaking out. Thank goodness Sarah was asleep.
So I got everything back into the car and went to the lot next to the one I was in. In my frazzled state (those of you who know me well, know I DO NOT handle stress well) I tried parking my minivan in a tight spot, once my brain caught up with me, I decided to get a different spot, but the lane I had chosen to go down didn't have a way out.
I had to turn my car around.
So I turned my minivan around 180 degrees in a VERY tight spot. Between two NICE cars. And one car still had people sitting in it. All I could think was "Dear God, do NOT let me hit one of these cars"
Thankfully I got out and found an easier spot to get into. But this time before pulling everything out of my car I went over and checked to make sure I could pay with cash. So once again I got my stroller out, baby and bags and went to pay.
7 freakin' bucks for 2 hours. I only have 4 ones and a 10. There was a sign posted that said it didn't give cash back. So I paid for 4 hours of parking. I headed to the courthouse, went through security, waited for an elevator, had to go back for my bluetooth that I left at security and FINALLY made it to my appointment with about 5 minutes to spare.
And my day was just getting started.
After my appointment I decided to walk around Seattle a little bit. I had paid for 4 hours of parking and my appointment only took an hour, so I didn't want to waste my money. I just checked a google map to see how far I walked. So this is a guess.
I walked around aimlessly for about 3 or 4 blocks, then went down to the waterfront which was about 3 blocks. I went South for about 3 blocks, found freakin' China Town. Didn't even know there was one in Seattle.
By this time I declared myself lost and called one of my best friends, Alex, for help. Didn't know where I was, didn't remember what street my car was on and wasn't sure what street the courthouse was on. Oh yeah.
Freakin' fantastic.
So Alex said he'd look at a map and help me. While I was waiting for him to call me back, I called another of my best friends, Lara. And she did what every best friend should do when they are told someone is lost, without their car in Seattle.
She laughed her butt off.
Lol, I would have done the same.
Anyways, back to the lostness of me.
Alex called me back and told me where to go. So I stated walking again. For 12 blocks, uphill, pushing a stroller. Yay me!
Then I went North about 15 blocks, uphill some more. You know, you would think with all the uphill crap there is in Seattle, there would be some downhill stuff too. If there is, I certainly didn't find it.
From there I turned West and went down about 13 blocks ( I had remembered that I was parked somewhere on 5th Ave). Along this way I got told by a old homeless man that he liked the way I walked.
At this point I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.
Now I was starting to get into a time crunch. I had to get my car by 5:38 and I really didn't want to be in Seattle, alone in the dark.
Yay me again.
I made it to 5th and Alex had me go right. I had gone 7 blocks when we figured out I had gone the wrong way. Alex misunderstood where I was and I should have gone left. NOT YOUR FAULT ALEX! He is truly my knight in shining armor!
Now I was ready to cry. So I turned around and went back the other way. Uphill again!
I also got stopped by a nice lady who asked if I was okay. I must have looked as freaked out as I felt. After assuring her I was okay I continued on my way. Made it back the 7 blocks. Walked 4 more to the courthouse, then another four to where my car was parked. Thankfully Sarah was asleep or happy all of this time. Loaded everything up and got in my car at 5:20.
Freakin' 18 minutes to spare.
After that I called my mom for directions on how to get home and I made it back, safe and sound. Thank you Mom!
I hate Seattle. And I am never going there again by myself. It sucks.
And looking back all I can really say is....
Thank goodness it wasn't raining!