Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I heard from the doctor's office today. My insurance approved my surgery! This Thursday (2/11/10) I have a post-op appointment where the doctor will explain everything he's going to do and all that stuff. THAT DAY I will make an appointment to have the surgery. They said it's looking like the beginning of March. Leaving the office today I almost cried, I still can't quite believe this is really, right within my reach. I can only think of ONE time I have ever been more happy and thankful. I will post more when I know more. Wish me luck! :D


Suze said...

YAY! I'm so extremely excited/happy/joyous/(can't think of anymore adjectives) for you!

Oh and don't you mean a PRE-Op appointment. It's kinda hard to have a post-op, when you haven't had the surgery yet :P

We love you and wish you well!

Oh and it's about freakin' time!!! :) YAY!

SnowAngel said...

Thanks! I'm getting really excited.

Lol you're right. Pre-op...*sighs* that's what happens when I write stuff at 2 in the morning :D

Love you too!