Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sarah's Trips To The Hospital

So Wednesday's night I was taking Sarah to the store and my night started out with running out of gas. Yay. Cold is not fun. Mom and Dad came to my rescue and brought me some gas to get to the gas station. Thank you for that. Afterwards Sarah and I went to WalMart, I was at the self check out trying to pay for my stuff and keep Sarah from climbing out the the cart. I turned back to the cart just in time to see Sarah flip head over heels out of the basket of the cart and smash into the floor. I dropped everything and snatched her up: Sarah is screaming and I started crying. After talking with a manager who took an incident report, Sarah's birth father, Shayne, and I took to the ER. The entire visit took about an hour. The doctor came in, and since Sarah was in a good mood and moving around immediately assumed she was fine. He checked her neck and said since she was so young he didn't want to do any x-rays, gave me a list of things to keep an eye out for and said to take her home and let her sleep. Sarah was right back to her normal self so I wasn't too worried about her. Then Friday night I was playing with her in her room and I noticed that her right collarbone looked kinda funny, like it was sticking out a bit, and slightly swollen. I wrapped her up in warm clothes and drove her back to the ER. This time the doctor had an x-ray done and told me that Sarah did fracture her collarbone. He said it might have happened anytime she was playing and had fallen down, but he guessed it was from her fall. Since Sarah is so young and it doesn't seem to be bothering her the doctor said it will heal itself on it's own within 6 weeks or so. As we left the hospital Sarah waved to everyone with a grin and the doctor pointed her out to all the nurses saying "There goes my broken collarbone baby" Took Sarah home and put her to bed. This was around 8pm
2pm Sarah woke Matt and me up with screaming, we went in there and found her crying on her bed, covered in vomit. We cleaned her up and took her back to the hospital since the doctor from her first visit said if she vomited to bring her back.
My poor baby girl threw up again at the hospital and the nurse gave her some meds for nausea. This visit took about 3 hours and in the end the doctor told me the vomiting was most likely from her having the flu last week and not from her fall. I felt a bit stupid rushing her back in there, but at the same time I rather be told she's fine then not take her in a have something really wrong with her.
We saw the second doctor in passing and he was like "Hey! It's my broken collarbone baby!"
Thankfully Sarah does not seem to be in pain, she's moving her arm and neck just fine. It's only if you touch the spot she gets squirmy and pushes your hand away.
My princess is a tough trooper and I am so proud of her.
So there's the story of how Sarah got her first broken bone :)


Kim said...

i broke my collar bone falling out of my bed when i was about 7. they had a soft brace over both shoulders. she is a trooper because it hurts.

SnowAngel said...

Since Sarah is still so young they said it should heal fine it's own. I'm so glad, trying to put a brace on her would be a nightmare! :) She is a trooper, I am so proud of her